An Introduction to Melaleuca Renew Lotion

Renew Lotion is produced by the Melaleuca Company and is a well liked, dry skin treatment. This lotion is available through the Melaleuca website or through their distributors. This lotion is touted as outperforming the popular brand Eucerin in clinical trials. This lotion contains ingredients that not only add moisture to the skin but soothe it as well. One of the best things about this lotion is that instead of being a temporary fix, it penetrates deeply to help protect skin from dryness. It can even prove an effective treatment for eczema, an irritating skin condition that is characterized by dry, scaly, flaky patches.

What makes Renew so special are the ingredients it contains. One rather scientific sounding ingredient is T36-C5 brand Melaleuca oil, which is soothing and moisturizing, not to mention trademarked by the company. Allantoin is another ingredient, which works to encourage and maintain the health of the skin. Malaysian glycerin is also included, which brings moisture to the skin and keeps it there. The moisture channel in the skin is able to more effectively transport glycerin than it is water, making glycerin a major skin softening component.

This lotion comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, which is more than enough time for you to figure out whether it is right for your skin or not. While it is gentle, it is most often used on the body except in cases of extremely dry facial skin. Melaleuca makes Body Satin cleanser and toner for dry skin, as well as products called Zap It! used to eradicate acne. This company goes far beyond the lotion, so if this is a product you like you may want to check out some of their other offerings.

When you purchase Renew lotion from Melaleuca, you may also choose to become a company representative yourself. It is similar to companies like Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef in that you sell Melaleuca products and receive commission on your sales. The best reason to consider selling is if you truly believe in the products you are using. Then you can show others that you use what you sell and be a walking demonstration for the products. The more people you are able to expose to products like Renew lotion, the more successful you can become as a Melaleuca representative.



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